Bali Musings Day 5 | Travel

Feeling much better this morning, I convinced myself to make the most of the day. It was a Sunday, so that meant church. I packed for an hour or so and eventually got ready to go to church, which starts at 10:30. After waiting for my sister to get ready, we headed off to church! We sang and danced and had the best time. My friends and I planned to go out to lunch after the service but we weren’t expecting a portion of the worship team to come as well. (Not that that was a bad thing, the more the merrier!) We ate noodles and coffee, played Jenga and cards, and overall laughed a ton.  As the lunch came to a close, a few of us planned to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 the next day.

After going to the grocery store, we drove back home and started packing once again. My room is mostly empty, now. Times like these I wonder why I attached myself to this place when I knew I was leaving soon. However, knowing I made friends with people I knew I would talk to for the rest of my life quickly erased the dread. I recalled this verse I memorized during school, Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you, not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”  I have a hope. I have a future. God knows my plans and I will not let darkness overcome me again.

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love, jane. aka the unlost wanderer.

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Quote of the Week | April 9, 2017

Hello, all! Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a fantastic week, and I hope you have an even better one this week.

This week’s quote is actually a Bible verse, but I’m pretty sure that counts as a quote.

“Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thesalonians 5:17

I don’t know about you, but when I am stuck in a rut my first reaction isn’t to pray. I know that’s not the right thing to do, but I’m working on it. I will pray without ceasing. I hope you will too!

love, jane. aka the unlost wanderer.

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Count Your Blessings Part I | Faith

Things are changing, changing fast. My glass is half empty and there’s nowhere for me to go but down.  Or so I thought. This time, I’m not going down that path. I refuse to. This time, I’m going to turn to God and count my blessings.

This is going to be a new…segment on my blog. (Is segment the right word? I know there’s another one but I can’t remember it!) When I am feeling down, I will turn to God and be thankful, rather than turning to somewhere else and feel sorry for myself.

I’m thinking to just number some things I’m thankful for/blessings in my life, I honestly haven’t thought things through.

  1. My family. We all have our faults and though we don’t always see eye to eye, I am so eternally blessed by them.
  2. My bed.
  3. My schooling.
  4. My favorite backpack.
  5. My Kindle.
  6. Friends that stick together and who are loyal.
  7. Quizlet.
  8. Jesus Christ, for dying for my sins and for always being there for me.
  9. Stationary, because they make life so much easier.
  10. Online classes.
  11. Blogging.
  12. Technology.
  13. Air conditioning.
  14. Electricity.
  15. Art.
  16. Books and movies, that help me escape reality.
  17. Video tutorials.
  18. The Internet.
  19. My room.
  20. Being able to travel.

I suppose 20 things are good for now! I know a bunch of things are totally random and little, but it’s the little things that count.

What are you grateful for?

love, jane. aka the unlost wanderer.

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Heaven is My Home.

Disclaimer: I know everyone is not like this, this is just my observation and my thoughts and opinions on this. Your opinion matters too, so please make sure to share them with me by commenting!

I realized today that this world is an awfully materialistic place. Everyone has to have the latest iPhone, the most expensive name brand clothes, and the best car. Once you have all that, you work harder to get an upgrade of said phone, clothes, and car. I’m not saying don’t shop, believe me, I love shopping (haha), but make sure you know that this world is not your home, you’re just passing through. Don’t get attached to your material things, for your true treasure is in heaven.

What will happen to your things when you leave earth? It’ll all just lay there until someone else deals with it. In fact, when I was younger, I used to think that God would let me bring one earthly thing to heaven but as I grew, I realized everything I need is with Him.

Heaven is our home, so when you feel like you just can’t live without that one item, remember that…

…this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.

Hebrews 13:14 (NKJV)

love, jane. aka the unlost wanderer

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God Will Make a Way

Have you ever heard that song?

God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me…

Today I felt trapped. I felt like I was in a glass box and it was closing in on me and I had no way out. It felt like I had no future and all I can do was look out and see everyone else move forward except for me. It felt like I was going to pass out and that I was never going to wake up.

Just when the darkness was starting to take over, I heard this song in the back of my head. It gave me so much hope and a renewal of faith. Just when I began to give up, it made me remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thus says the Lord, who makes a way in the sea
And a path through the mighty waters,
Who brings forth the chariot and horse,
The army and the power
(They shall lie down together, they shall not rise;
They are extinguished, they are quenched like a wick):
 “Do not remember the former things,
Nor consider the things of old.
 Behold, I will do a new thing,
Now it shall spring forth;
Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert.

Isaiah 43:16-19

love, jane. aka the unlost wanderer.

ps- Listen to God Will Make a Way here!

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And if Not, He is Still Good.

…and if not, He is still good.

Plans rarely ever go to plan, don’t they? I suppose not every plan is full proof. There will be unexpected turns and ups and downs, but I always got through them. I got through the happy, the sad and the stressful fairly unscathed, but it seems as though I’m never prepared. When things are looking up, I brace myself for the fall. When things are going down, I hope for better days.  When there is a sudden turn I know there is no other choice than to embrace it. So today, as I’m feeling particularly lost, I will remember that life is never a straight line. Life a maze and sometimes you’ll get lost, and that’s okay. There’s always a way to get back up on your feet.

Your plan may not have gone to plan, but God’s plan is going just as He wants it. He is still good.

Have faith, greater days are yet to come.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

love, jane. aka the unlost wanderer.

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An Open Mind

You know how when you’re little you don’t like most foods because your taste buds haven’t developed? I don’t know about you, but I was close minded about most foods growing up. I was convinced I didn’t like a certain food because I tried it once as a child and hated it, then when I was a little older, I tried it again and it turned out to be the bestest thing ever. All because I tried again with an open mind.

I realized that for the longest time I’ve been pretty closed minded about myself. I confine myself to an imaginary box that doesn’t exist to anyone but me. I don’t let myself be happy with what I do because I convinced myself that I didn’t deserve to be. I thought about this some more and was shocked with my conclusion- God wouldn’t want me to feel this way. He made me with perfection in mind even though there is no way I could ever be exactly that. He placed me on this earth for a reason, even though there are times when I feel like I wasn’t. I am loved by God, and I am set free in Christ. I now have an open mind and now I feel like I can take on the world as long as He is on my side.

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Genesis 1:27

love, jane. aka the unlost wanderer

ps- How can you open your mind about yourself today?

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