Perfect Indigo.

In the fourth grade, I had a pen-pal. Let’s call her… Indigo. *tries to look innocent* What? I totally didn’t google “unusual names” and then proceeded to look through baby name websites. ps- I apologize to the baby whose parents named them “Nimrat”.

Anyways, Indigo is my mom’s best friend’s daughter. I hadn’t met her before, but we were friends on Facebook, (wow, look at me being fancy having and FB in the fourth grade,) and I have to admit, I was jealous of her. She lives in New York (totally jealous), she’s really smart (as my mother likes to remind me every time Indigo’s mom talks to her), and not to mention she’s gorgeous. Her life seemed perfect. She’s the perfect student, has tons of friends, and she always sent me the nicest things in our letters.

And I, being the selfish, insecure brat that I am, started to resent her for it. As letters stopped coming and time passed by, I see the pictures she posts on Instagram and feel nothing but sadness and jealousy. (Keep in mind I haven’t even met her yet.)

Fast forward to July 2017. When Indigo and her mom travel all the way to Indonesia to visit their families. This is the first time we were ever in the same city at the same time, which means…

… I have to meet “Perfect Indigo”

dun dun duuuuuunnnn.

I have to admit I was really nervous. I was scared she was going to be stuck up and wouldn’t reciprocate my effort to start a conversation, as I’m usually the one who has to start them. But it turns out that I didn’t need to worry, because she started the conversation. She wasn’t a perfect person, she told me about her struggles as we got to know each other, and I was surprisingly pleased on how well we got along. We were similar in so many ways, and it was nice to talk about our differences.

I had always been ashamed of the way I judged her so cruelly, and after meeting her in person, that shame intensified. She didn’t deserve to be judged the way I had judged her, and I’ll try to never do it again. After all, as they say, never judge a person based on their social media account.

love, jane.

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