I Wrote a Poem?!

I had to write a rhyming poem with fifteen details for my English class this morning. Here’s the problem: I don’t read poetry. Let alone write it. (No hate to poems.) This assignment was so difficult for me because of this reason. I’m sure many of you have had this kind of assignment and have felt this way before! If so, be sure to tell me all about it! Anyways, this is the second poem I’ve written, ever, and I’m kind of proud of it to be honest, so I’ll be sharing it here!

My sister, Ella, is the poet of the family. She writes awesome poems; maybe I’ll convince her to let me post on of them.

Let me know what you think, criticism is welcome…just…be gentle, haha. Also, read on till the end to read the very first poem I have ever written, which took place about an hour and a half before I wrote this one. *shakes my head in shame* It was a practice poem, and it had to be about a season other than winter, because my teacher had used winter as an example in class.
I hope you like it!


A Mind’s Adventure

Did you know you can go on an adventure without even leaving your bed?

That’s right-an adventure, a journey- right inside your head!

Just use your imagination, go anywhere you want

Narnia, Whoville, or even Vermont!

A world full of wonder, of magic and more

Never really knowing what’s in store

Somewhere you can listen, can taste, can explore

Turkish Delights or Green Eggs and Ham, without leaving your door

Be whoever you want, a king, or a queen, or a soldier in a war

A villain or heroine as beautiful as a waltz on the dance floor

Meet the zeroes to heroes, wear fancy clothes and pose

And brave through the highs and lows as the story goes

Fall in love like leaves dropping in the autumn

Transform into a mermaid who swims along the sea bottom

Smell the scent of the pine as you crack open the spine

And release the beauty of the message filled with sunshine

Feel the heartbreak, the excitement, the anticipation

Get lost in the moment, a lovely salvation

From the troubles of life, the toils and the strife


Alas the time comes when the story ends

When you’ll get the sense of love, satisfaction or the need to know more

Though you shouldn’t worry for

The books are boundless, the story immortal

Go and explore,

A book is a portal.

love, jane. aka the unlost wanderer.

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Practice Poem:

In the beautiful spring, the flowers bloom,

as the radiant bride walks to her dashing groom.

While in the moment he smells her perfume,

and can only feel the sense of doom.

But that’s okay because he sees the flowers,

and as they say, “the rose empowers”.

*Shakes my head in shame once again*


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