Seventeen. | Jane’s Rambles

Tonight is the last night of sixteen. For me at least. I haven’t really realized this until my two sisters pointed this out. This year has gone by so fast, between managing a kiosk in a mall, moving between islands, taking my first painting classes, starting this blog, and so many other things, I feel like time has gone way too fast. I always thought that my birthday wasn’t a big deal, because I hate the attention that goes along with birthdays, but then my sister Faith said, “this is your last night being sixteen, next year, you’ll be eighteen and you’ll be an adult.”


“I am so not ready to be an adult,” I thought as a rush of anxiety went through my heart. “I need to get my life together, this means,” my mind went on, “I need to get my act straight and I gotta work harder.”

I probably don’t need to get my life together at age seventeen, but I think I do need to work harder.

My sister eventually went to say, “Nothing will change, anyways, only your age”. This did make me feel a little better.

Anyways, as I write this post, a passage of Scripture went through my head, And if our God is for us, then who can stand against us? – Romans 8:31

If our God is for us, then no one can stand against us. Not even ourselves. Tonight, as it’s my last night being sixteen, I’m making a personal promise to myself: I won’t let anything stand in the way of my passions and my faith. Not me, not you, not my own insecurities or anxieties. This year, I will live to my full potential. I will do everything I can, the best that I can. Everything I do will be done in a way that God would be proud.

This year. This new year, it’ll just be me and God.

love, jane.aka the unlost wanderer.

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