Packing Tips! | Travel

I don’t know about you, but I love packing. Only travel packing, though. House packing, however, is something I can’t stand. Lord knows I’ve done that way too many times.

Anyways, over the years I’ve accumulated a packing system of sorts. I know packing is pretty much common sense, but I hope you found something new and useful from this post! Note: The lighting was really weird in my house when I took these pictures, so be prepared for some heavily filtered photos which I used to make them look somewhat decent.

First off, lay everything you want to pack into separate piles so you know what you need to pack. Make sure you have all your necessities first.

(Shout out to my sister’s quilt because my blanket is hideous.)

Start off with your choice of luggage. I’m using my trusty carry-on luggage that my parents surprised my sister and I with when we first began traveling a lot six years ago. I got the green and my sister got pink. As you can see, it’s seen a lot of use, haha.


Start off by leveling the side with the bumps from the handlebar. I usually use my undergarments/socks to do this part. (Which I will not picture because I doubt anyone would want to see that.) I went ahead and filled the other side of the luggage with my school books.

Next, lay your pants with the legs hanging off the sides.


Then, take your tops and place them on top of your pants. You can save some space by rolling them (which also prevents wrinkles,) but sometimes it’s better to just regularly fold. Just use your judgement for this part. 🙂


When you’re done with this step, fold over the legs of the pants.

(I fit in my personal care between my shirts)

I also had some other books and miscellaneous items that I fit on top of my clothes, and that’s it! Close up your luggage and you’re ready to go off to your next adventure! I hope you learned something from this. Even if it was that I have an ugly blanket!


love, jane. aka the unlost wanderer.

ps- keep the ‘fragile’ stickers on your luggage, you never know when that will come in handy!

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