That One Time the King Went to Bali. 

Hello, everyone! I don’t think I’ve said this before, but I happen to live in three different places per year. My family rotates living in California, Bali, and Jakarta. Bali and Jakarta are both in a country called Indonesia, where my parents are from. Oddly enough, my parents met in California, (USA), in college and started a life there, which is why my sisters and I grew up in America and do not speak Bahasa Indonesia. Which is not convenient, to say the least.

My family first started to transition our life to Indonesia in 2010. (I cannot believe that was seven years ago!) I know what you’re thinking, but Jane! You’ve been in Indonesia for nearly seven years! How come you don’t speak the language? Here’s my excuse: Because of our move to Indonesia, no school would allow us to be gone for long periods of time since we were transitioning. (Pretty reasonable, I suppose!) This meant we started homeschooling and that meant we stayed home all day long and we don’t have many opportunities to speak the language. And when we do start to get the hang of it, we go back to America and lose it again. Also, we have American accents, so we get made fun of and judged a lot so that’s kind of discouraging.

Okay, wow, I am getting waaaay off track. So this week, the King of Saudi Arabia (I know I should’ve specified in the title but it would’ve been way too long, lol) came to Bali for vacation along with 1,500 people, (including 10 ministers, 25 princes, 800 delegates and a number of princesses,) 300 cars, 2 elevators, and 459 metric tons of luggage. As you can see, this was the talk of the town, or island, in this case. Some were excited, though some were dreading the day the king came because that meant one thing: traffic. Bali is a small island with small roads and like, one freeway, so adding 300 cars was a big deal. They even closed the airports the day they came.

They are staying at a number of hotels, but I hear that the king is staying at the St. Regis Hotel in Nusa Dua. (Nusa Dua is the ultimate area for tourists when it comes to resorts.) I’ve never stayed there myself, but my family and I have gone to their beach a number of times.



Someone even blasted the king’s schedule, so we know which areas to avoid that day. I hear that the king loves Bali so much, he extended his vacation.

love, jane. aka the unlost wanderer.

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